A habit

May 13, 2011

Every summer holiday I do my end-of-studying-year cleaning. I arrange my clothes, shoes and bags and force my myself to throw away the old stuff. I know many of them would stay in my closet for years and I’ll never wear them -except for some bags- and my closet would explode. I just love them and can’t to throw them away 😦 .



May 10, 2011

Among all my horrible cooking attempts this summer, I got an impressive result when I made the “White Chocolate and Strawberry Blondies”. It was really delicious! I know that I didn’t cook since ages, but every attempt was worse than the previous one! And that was really disappointing! Anyway, I’ll keep making sweets only because I enjoy it and because I’m obsessed with sweets 😛

Missing Paris

May 9, 2011

Didn’t know that going through old files tortures. It evokes beautiful memories, yet a wave of sadness sweeps over you and you wish that you could bring those days back!

Few days ago I thought of going though old photos to print some of them and to see if I have improved in photography xP.. And I decided to start a project of editing some of them.

Palace of Versailles 

A random photo, Palace of Versailles.

Napoleon’s apartment, the Louvre.

Decoration of the ceiling, the Louvre. 

Was taken from one of the Louvre’s windows. 

One week more and I’m done with the freshmen year. I have been waiting to say this..

It was one hell of a year.. I have been through many moments where I regret my decision. let us just pray for this week to pass peacefully * fingers crossed*

Missing you

March 28, 2011

What makes us so patient when the people we love, respect, and share our lovely memories with, have changed and became so rude with us? We miss them so much, sometimes even if they are sitting next to us. But we don’t have the courage to talk to them because they already have built up many obstacles when they have changed. What makes us believe in them? And that one day they will get back to their sense and realize the terrible mistake they have done? Is it because we love them so much, we don’t want to lose them? Or is it because we are so naïve that we don’t want to believe that they got over us?

Sometimes I would say that the first reason is the right one, and sometimes I admit that it is the second one. However, I would never come up with a final answer.

I still have faith in you. No matter what you do, deep inside I know that you are a good person.

Thanks Almaha:*

March 9, 2011

I took these pictures very quickly didn’t even adjust the ribbon..

I couldn’t wait to eat the chocolate xD


March 8, 2011