Keeping diaries

June 21, 2011

I have always kept journals and diaries. Never specifically thought what is the purpose, but I always wanted myself to go back and see the person I used to be and how much I have changed. To me writing has always been a way of expressing and spitting out things I could never share with others. I wrote many emotional letter to people that actually exist! Thinking that they might get it. I put all my anger on papers, thinking that I’ll fold the paper at the end of the day , that will help me to save relations and I’ll never need to talk to people about it. In fact, today I wish I had never wasted my time on such a stupid thing. I don’t mean the writing habit, but the thing I used to write.

I thought of editing some old journals and posting them here, still not sure. Anyway, do you keep diary? And what you usually write about?

—-* I created a tumbler account, La Lune. I ‘ll be reblogging inspiring photos, quotes, and some of my photos. Let me know if you have one.


3 Responses to “Keeping diaries”

  1. Almaha Says:

    I always wanted to own a diary.. as you said a piece a sort of evidence to go back to to see why did i change or what changed me…. But I never did own one and I think its for the best cause you never know who is gonna in the future read it and it can hurt a lot of people… Emotions are harsh and hard on paper than expressing them in other ways,,,
    Thats my take on diaries could be right could wrong… Its right to me… =)

  2. ♥ La Lune Says:

    you’re right.. if they fall into someone’s hand will be in big trouble.. But still if you didn’t like the diary’s idea.. you can keep a journal.. just writings. Not necessarily about someone.. you know writing is useful.

    Thanks maha 🙂

  3. iheney Says:

    having a diary will always be a good thing to keep your memories, thoughts and confessions. For me i can write diaries but i like journals becouse when ever i go back and read them they always impress me more than any thing. it actually teach me.
    I dont like to write when im angry, i did it once but it didnt help and i hate going through it.
    im looking forward to see your journals and writings =) .

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