Missing Paris

May 9, 2011

Didn’t know that going through old files tortures. It evokes beautiful memories, yet a wave of sadness sweeps over you and you wish that you could bring those days back!

Few days ago I thought of going though old photos to print some of them and to see if I have improved in photography xP.. And I decided to start a project of editing some of them.

Palace of Versailles 

A random photo, Palace of Versailles.

Napoleon’s apartment, the Louvre.

Decoration of the ceiling, the Louvre. 

Was taken from one of the Louvre’s windows. 


2 Responses to “Missing Paris”

  1. Almaha Says:

    OMG LOVE<3
    I wish I loved Paris the same as you do the only time I went there… but I don't know I think I should go there again to try and like the country… =D
    Your photos arre JUST stunning… especially the last one it made me want to love the country…
    Great post ❤

  2. ♥ La Lune Says:

    lool my parents don’t like Paris :”(.. but I’m sure that you will adore it..
    it’s amazing and one of the best countries for photography ❤

    Glad you like it :*

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