August 22, 2011

The blooming in july, our gatherings and laughters… were too good to be true!



July 18, 2011

Last week I arrived Vienna. I was so excited to walk all the streets and set on the cafes I used to go. Vienna held my best/worst childhood memories, and it been four years since my last visit. We stayed at the same hotel, I even saw the same guests I used to see except they grew older. We left to Zell am  see on Friday and I’m missing Vienna already :”(

مرق الصيف بمواعيدو و الهوى لملم عناقيدو
و ما عرفنا خبر عنك يا قمر و لا حدا لوحلنا بإيدو
بتطل الليالي و بتروح الليالي و بعدك على بالي


Keeping diaries

June 21, 2011

I have always kept journals and diaries. Never specifically thought what is the purpose, but I always wanted myself to go back and see the person I used to be and how much I have changed. To me writing has always been a way of expressing and spitting out things I could never share with others. I wrote many emotional letter to people that actually exist! Thinking that they might get it. I put all my anger on papers, thinking that I’ll fold the paper at the end of the day , that will help me to save relations and I’ll never need to talk to people about it. In fact, today I wish I had never wasted my time on such a stupid thing. I don’t mean the writing habit, but the thing I used to write.

I thought of editing some old journals and posting them here, still not sure. Anyway, do you keep diary? And what you usually write about?

—-* I created a tumbler account, La Lune. I ‘ll be reblogging inspiring photos, quotes, and some of my photos. Let me know if you have one.

Afternoon ice-cream

June 7, 2011

I want this place to be the place where we can meet everyday to have our afternoon ice-cream together.

Back on track

May 27, 2011

The past two weeks were disaster. My internship and my summer course have started. I have been so busy working and couldn’t have enough sleep. I think now I got used to my new schedule. Though I miss the old one, I’m glad that I’ll be done one week before the end of June and I’ll get the chance to go shopping for my trip :”D

A few photos of one of the most charming cities, Luzern.

May You Be My Love..

May 14, 2011

على كسر العادات الصغيرة التي كوَّنتُها معك
وعلى اقتلاع رائحتك..
من قماش الستائرْ..
وبللورِ المزهريّاتْ..
على استعادةِ لُغَتي..
التي فَصَّلتُ مفرداتِها عليكِ..
ولم تعد صالحةً لسواكِ من النساءْ

Quoted from Nizar Qabbani’s poem “May You Be My Love For Another Year” (1978).